6 Carob Dates Sandwich Cookies


Carob dates sandwich cookies bag of 6 – 24 oz

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Product Description

Carob dates sandwich cookies bag of 6 – 2 oz

Carob commonly known as the carob tree it is widely cultivated for its edible legumes, and as an ornamental tree in gardens. People who are vegan usually use carob as a substitute for chocolate because of its nutrients. Carob does not contain oxolate which is in chocolate and can cause kidney stones. Carob contains pectin which lowers cholestrol levels and decreases your risk for heart disease.

Dates are free cholestrol and are very low fat. They are rich in protein and vitamins B1-B2, B3, and B5 as well as vitamins A1 and C helps improve the digestive system and is rich in potassium. Along with the coconut oil, sugar and the agave the cookie provides a great dose of energy.


Ingredients-organic brown rice flour, sweet 

rice Flour, organic white rice flour, guar gum,

tapioca flour, organic coconut sugar,organic

dates,  organic coconut oil, organic agave, 

gluten free/vegan carob powder, organic powder 

fresh ginger, turmeric, himalayan, salt, water,

baking soda, eg-replacer


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