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1) Do you bake your cookies in a gluten free kitchen?
Yes, I bake my cookies in a gluten free commercial kitchen.

2). Why do you only bake vegan/gluten free cookies?
I only bake vegan and gluten free cookies because there is a need for people  who can’t eat gluten or have other allergies.  people like me who are vegan  and can’t find a treat to enjoy. I have people who have never tried gluten free cookies, enjoying it now. I was a lunch coordinator in a charter school for six and a half years there were more kids diagnosed gluten free this year than I ever saw before. I believe there is a need.

3,  What do you mean when you say your cookies are low glycemic?
When I say that my cookies are low glycemic it means that they are not made with refined white sugar. Right now in the market the lowest glycemic sugar is coconut sugar.  My cookies are baked with coconut sugar and a small amount of agave. So when you eat my cookies you will not get a sugar rush. Your body will digest it slowly

4. Are you ever going to make other gluten free products?
Yes, I will branch out into vegan/gluten free brownies and cookie bars. I also will make cinnamon rolls later on.

5.  Do you cater to kids with Autism?
Yes, I do. The Tristan chocolate chip cookie was specifically made for a little boy who has Autism and is allergic to dairy,soy,corn,potato and so many more ingredients that I had to work with the recipe for a while. There is a place in my heart for kids and  adults like Tristan who have no control of their allergies and yet would like to have a cookie like you and me. Now when I bake cookies I think about him and I say to myself can I make this cookie with out those ingredient and if I can I do and is another cookie Tristan and many others can have.

6. Are all your ingredients organic?
I try to use as much organic ingredients as I can find. The Red Velvet cookie which is our most popular will not be made unless I have organic beets and the reason why is because most red beets are genetically modified so for me to make it I need organic beets.