I have been a baker for over 40 years mainly baking for my family and friends. Seven years ago I was sick with Diverticulitis. After researching the disease, I decided to become a vegetarian. My health improved after changing my diet. As the years went by, I never got sick with the disease. Later on I became diabetic and I decided to give up refined sugar and follow a vegan diet. I have not been sorry yet.

Despite the positive improvement in my health, I still had a sweet tooth and had trouble finding low glycemic treats that had no animal products. After researching all the products out there that were vegan and low glycemic, I began baking cookies, cakes and giving them to friends and family. Out of the love for the vegan diet and the concern over my diabetes, Mama Juana’s Treats was born.

With the support of my families and friends they have inspired me to sell the treats that they have enjoyed for years. When I first decided to sell treats for a living I did not think I was going to bake and sell gluten free baked goods until I got inspired by a coworker who has celiac and a young 8th grader who also had to go on a gluten free diet. One of my cookies was named after her. Talking to them made me realize that gluten is a serious thing and I decided to bake most of my vegan cookies gluten free and low glycemic.

Mama Juana’s Treats was born out of an inspiration for the love of healthy treats and the concern of loved ones that are gone because they did not take care of their diabetes. Out of the love for the people who have celiac disease or need a gluten free diet to feel better, my baked goods represent the best vegan/gluten free/low glycemic products out there.

Baked in small batches to make sure that they are not mass produced and baked with love and care is my goal. My products are baked with Bob Mills flours, coconut sugar, agave, coconut oil and himmalayan salt.